You may think that my title is strange, or maybe you know exactly what I am talking about. Just because you can create a child doesn’t make you a parent. Sure, the law thinks otherwise. But that’s what I mean. That’s what needs to change. Also, the norm of a mom and dad and child(ren) needs to go away, too. How old school and dated are these thoughts; these opinions.

We give ‘parents’ too many rights and privileges. Many, many times the laws protect the parents too well. There are parents that are drug addicts, abusers, drug dealers, gang members, murders, criminals, law breakers, alcoholics.. These ‘parents’ put there kids through hell. They expose them to things that children shouldn’t have to deal with.  They selfishly make choices for themselves that are not in the well-being of the child(ren). Children shouldn’t be expected to be around parents who choose these lives. Who make decisions that are not in the best interest of the child(ren). If these parents don’t get help to change, then the children should be placed with family members that do not partake in such activities or foster care. They should not have to visit these parents, live with these parents or see these parents. Just because someone is related to you, does not make them your family or parent. Kindness, love and caring are just a few things that make up a family.

Not every family is a cookie cutter mom/dad/child(ren). Maybe you have a multi-generation family, a one parent family, a no parent family, a no blood-related family. But who is to judge that? Who are these law makers to say that your family is or isn’t a family? Who are these people who say children need to be around these monster blood related parents just because they are biologically related? How absurd this is. Do you finally see what I am saying?

There are children forced to see parents who have:

abused their other parent/family member.

abused them.

attempted to kill them.

attempted to kill their other parent/family member.

murdered their other parent/family member.

raped/sexually assaulted their other parent.

raped/sexually assaulted them.

How is this possible? Why is this possible? Who says blood relation is the most important thing to a child? I am here to tell you its not. Love doesn’t come from blood. Love doesn’t come from being related. Love comes from kindness, caring, protecting, respect, friendship, healthy environments/relationships.

You are not a parent if you:

cause harm physically/mentally/emotionally to your child(ren).

I don’t care what definition you use. I don’t care what law protects you.

My eyes are open. I hope your eyes are open now too. Just because a family isn’t the same color or shape as that cookie cutter family you are use to seeing, doesn’t make that family less of a family. If anything, they are probably a damn good family. A family that is strong and full of love.



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