​Here’s how I know that there are certain people who can fool you in a relationship.

If someone has lied to you from the beginning its not very easy to know when that person is or isnt lying. When you first meet someone you dont expect it, so then your stuck thinking everything they are telling you is truth. In this situation the relationship can go on for years, until the person lying slips up in someway. If the slip is not caught the lies will continue to stand as truth. If the person is intuitive they will be luckier than most and figure out the person is lying by questioning their partners actions and doing a little investigating behind their back. Once the real truth is found out, then the person can leave that situation. For many though, they dont figure any of this out until their older years in the relationship.

Another one, addiction. When someone slowly starts doing drugs and drinking; and then it becomes their life. The relationship didnt start like that, it progressed. So many people already have love for that person and they try to help; all to realize that the addict has to want the help. If they dont its better to move on bc there is no telling how long it will take the addict to figure it out.

Then there are the people who act differently around others and differently with their partners. They wear a mask for awhile, they display kindness, helpfulness; nothing seems off about them. These people, often times, wait until they have you stuck in the situation before they take their mask off, to then reveal their true colors. Usually these people turn out to be domestic abusers. They trick others bc the abuse is only towards their partner. Thus leaving the abused to usually stay in the situation, unless they know their self worth and they leave.

I have been through each of these. I have been fooled into thinking that I loved each person and they loved me. There wasn’t love in those relationships. They were fake, phony and empty. I just tell myself hey it was practice for the real deal. It was all a learning experience. This all lead me to where I am today. Who I am today. I may have been fooled, but I no fool. I know what love is, and it wasn’t in any of those fools. 


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