Just give me some more time. Just let me show you what I can be. Let me show you who I am. Watch as people try to tear me down, until I am nothing but flesh. But watch me crawl back up to be who I am. 

My soul may be heavy with the sorrow of their words. Might have scars from the hate. But my kindness makes me light. I rise, I soar, I fly. No matter how hard they all try. I fly.

May you see what you want. Believe what you will. Think what you want of me. But still, I will. Still I will be. Forever and ever, always me.

Try as they may. Try with all their might. I will always fight. You can’t break my soul. You lighten my light. You can’t distinguish my flame that will forever be burning bright. 

You can think I’m crazy. Maybe you think I’m scared. But my fears are just my armor, making me more aware. 

I stand and let them hurt me. I let them rip me apart. All just to show them, that they can never change my heart.

May you continue on your plight but just know it’s all in vain. Because I can most assuredly tell you I will always find my way. 

My kindness will always win. My peace will always stand. My love will always be ready and willing to hold your hand. 

Maybe one day you will be ready to truly see. To see the real beauty of life the way it’s suppose to be.

It’s not hidden in places or even in things. It is within our souls. It lies with you and me.

So, give me some more time to show you. It saddens me that you may never see. I can keep showing you my strength. Keep showing you me. 

May you grow tired and know this, I will no matter what, forever, be me. That is who I am. And who I will always be.



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