I have always always been a bit of an over sharer. Which use to make my about me’s so long I would have to edit and reedit just so I could fit everything. But for the past 3 years my over sharing days have ceased. My trusting nature went from,”Sure I will help you!” to “Hmm, what do you want from me? Are you lying or being honest?” I have barricaded myself from many. Struggle with my PTSD, depression and anxiety. I don’t leave my home much. Afraid to be seen. Wondering who might be around the corner… I use to not be this way. And maybe I am just describing the worst moments.. I am one of the kindest people. I hesitate for a moment before I help someone, but I always help. My hesitation comes from a lot of past hurt and trauma. But even though I have been put through the ringer I still help others and strive to help others. I believe we all are here to leave something greater behind. Peace and Kindness. I hope that by documenting and venting through this blog, I can help others who are going through hard times and show that we all go through many difficult moments, but we go through all this to become closer to one another. To better relate to one another. We get stronger, smarter and more determined.  Just for fun, here’s some about me’s. Single Mom. Artist. Writer. Do-good-er. Chef. Animal Lover. Healthy Enthusiast Hooked on Junk (sometimes you just need a piece of chocolate).  Join me on my journey (of hopefully figuring things out). -Anonymously Mama.